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This is a collection of links to help you find useful information and resources related to Linguistics generally and Caribbean Linguistics. The categories of links are divided into three pages. Simply click on the page number to navigate. If there are other links you believe would be useful, drop us an email at to let us know.

The Useful Links here were compiled by Jo-Anne Ferreira, Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics (formerly Liberal Arts), UWI, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. Special thanks to Lise Winer, Keith Laurence, Nicole Roberts, Mervyn Alleyne, Michèle Stewart, Rocky Meade, and Sonya Moze for comments and contributions.


Page 1:

General Linguistics
Bibliographies & Databases
Publishers and Bookshops
Language Diversity and Endangered Languages
Language of the Americas
Creole Courses and Studies

Page 2:

Creole Languages of the Caribbean Region:
- English-Lexified Creoles
- French-Lexified Creoles
- Iberian-Lexified Creoles
Sign Languages of the Caribbean
Journals on Creoles

Page 3:

Journals of Caribbean Interest
Universities in the Caribbean
Caribbean Studies Institutes & Associations
Creole Research Societies and More
Mailing & Discussion Lists

Recommended Readings

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