Online Resources

A selection of online resources for students, teachers, researchers or anyone with a general interest in the Caribbean and Caribbean languages.

Our online resources include Frequently Asked Questions which provide a list of questions with answers on some of the most common topics within Caribbean Linguistics; Useful Links, a list of sites that may be of interest to anyone researching the area; Caribbean Country Profiles gives insight into the languages spoken within the various territories; the Video Library is an extension of the Useful Links but featuring video content; and finally Recommended Readings is a curated list useful for research or general knowledge. You may also visit our YouTube channel for interesting videos about members, work of SCL and other interesting research.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the answers to the many questions related to Linguistics in the Caribbean. The page is particularly useful for students of Linguistics.

Useful Links

Useful links to bibliographies, databases, newspapers, journals, Caribbean creole languages and research and many more.

Online Video Library

A collection of videos from around the web ....

Recommended Readings

A collection of books recommended for general reading or conducting research.

Caribbean Country Profiles

This page is your resource for learning about the countries of the Caribbean and the languages they speak.

Vist SCL YouTube Channel

The SCL YouTube channel is a central hub for all SCL video content ....... Visit, share and subscribe.



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