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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) on this page answer some of the many questions related to Linguistics in the Caribbean. The page is particularly useful to students of Linguistics.

The FAQS here were written and compiled by Jo-Anne Ferreira, Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics (formerly Liberal Arts), UWI, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago (All graphs copyright © J.S. Ferreira). Special thanks to Lise Winer, Keith Laurence, Nicole Roberts, Mervyn Alleyne, Michéle Stewart, Rocky Meade, and Sonya Moze for comments and contributions. All other comments and contributions welcome.


Caribbean Stuff

Political Divisions
Geographical Groupings
Names and Pronunciations

Linguistics Stuff

Language and Linguistics
Definition of Terms
Creole Languages
Other Caribbean Languages.

Fun Stuff

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