Popular Paper Series


*ALLEYNE, Mervyn C. Indigenous Languages in the Caribbean (PP No.3, Jun 2004, 16 pages).

*LOUISY, Dame Pearlette. Keynote address to the 12th Biennial Conference (PP No.1, Apr 2001).

POLLARD, Velma. The Role of Jamaican Creole in Language Education (PP No.2, Aug 2002)

*WINER, Lise. Creole in the Kitchen: Lexical Recipes from Trinidad (PP No.4, Jul 2004, 20 pages). View Abstract >

*Still available. Each Occasional Paper (OP) or Popular Paper (PP) title is available at USD3, and any four OP and/or PP titles available at the cost of USD10 (not including postage).


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Did you Know
Dominican Creole French is a French-based Creole, which is one the most common vernacular in Dominica. It is highly mutually intelligible with its much more widely spoken immediate neighbor, Antillean Creole, of which it might be considered a distinct variety. View more Caribbean country profiles.
Did you Know
There are at least 59 living languages spoken in the Caribbean today, including 4 endangered or nearly extinct languages. Visit our FAQS page to find out what they are.

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