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Papers still available are highlighted with an asterisk (*) and are available at USD3 each. Any four Occasional Papaers (OP) and/or Popular Paper (PP) titles are available at the cost of USD10 (not including postage).

ALLSOPP, S.R. Richard. Africanisms in the Idiom of Caribbean English (OP No.6, c. 1977)

*ALLSOPP, S.R. Richard. The Case for Afrogenesis (OP No.33, July 2006, 20 pages). View Abstract.

*ALLSOPP, S.R. Richard. The Afrogenesis of Caribbean Creole Proverbs (OP No.34, July 2006). View Abstract.

*AMASTAE, Jon. Complements of Factive and Inceptive Verbs in Dominican French Creole (OP No.22, Oct 1988)

*AUB-BUSCHER, Gertrud. African Survivals in the Lexicon of Trinidad French-based Creole (OP No.23, Apr 1989)

BRAITHWAITE, Ben. A Sketch of the Linguistic Geography of Signed Languages in the Caribbean. (OP No. 38, Jun 2017)

BROADBRIDGE, Claire. Some Devices for Focus in Trinidadian (OP No.14, May 1980)

CARTER, Hazel. Evidence for the Survival of African Prosodies in West Indian Creoles (OP No.13, Oct 1979)

CHRISTIE, Pauline G. Assertive?'No' in Jamaican Creole (OP No.10, Jan 1979)

*De BOSE, Charles E. 'Be' in Saman English (OP No.21, Aug 1988)

*DEVONISH, Hubert S. and Walter SEILER. A Reanalysis of the Phonological System of Jamaican Creole (OP No.24, Oct 1991)

*DEVONISH, Hubert S. and Karen CARPENTER. Full Bilingual Education in a Creole Language Situation: The Jamaican Bilingual Primary Education Project (OP No.35, Feb 2007). View Abstract.

EDWARDS, Walter F. Sociolinguistic Models and Phonological Variation in Guyana (OP No.8, c. 1978)

*GALARZA BALLESTER, Teresa. Copula Variability in Antiguan Creole (OP No.37, July 2012). View Abstract.

GRAHAM, McVey, Jr. Caribbean French Creole Survey (OP No.19, Aug 1985)

HANCOCK, Ian F. Creole Features in the Speech of an Afro-Seminole Speaker of Bracketville, Texas (OP No.3, May 1975)

HANCOCK, Ian F. Further Observations on Afro-Seminole Creole (OP No.7, Feb 1978)

HANCOCK, Ian F. English in St. Helena: Creole Features in an Island Speech (OP No.11, Feb 1979)

*HOLBROOK, David J. Grenada and Carriacou English-Lexifier Creole(s): One Language or Two (OP No.31, Mar 2005). View Abstract.

HUTTAR, George L. A Creole-Amerindian Pidgin of Suriname (OP No.15, Jul 1982)

*HUTTAR, George L. Notes on Kwinti, a Creole of Central Suriname (OP No.20, May 1988)

*JAGANAUTH, Dhanis. Time Reference in Two Creoles: the Non-Referential Component (OP No.26, Aug 1988)

JAMES, Winford. The Noun Phrase in Tobagonian (OP No.28, Apr 2001)

*LALLA, Barbara. Virtual Realism: Constraints on Validity in Textual Evidence of Caribbean Language History (OP No.32, Apr 2005). View Abstract.

LePAGE, Robert B. 'Projection, Focussing, Diffusion,' or, Steps towards a Sociolinguistic Theory of Language, illustrated from the Sociolinguistic Survey of Multilingual Communities. Stages I: Cayo District, Belize (formerly British Honduras), and II: St. Lucia (OP No.9, Jul 1978)

*PATRICK, Peter L. Caribbean Creoles and the Speech Community (OP No.30, Jun 2002).

*REGIS, Ferne Louanne. Constructing Identity Within Communities of Practice: The Case of Two Trinidadian Douglas (OP No.36, Mar 2012). View Abstract.

RICKFORD, John R. Standard and Non-Standard Attitudes in a Creole Continuum (OP No.16, Jul 1982)

ROBERTS, Peter A. Speech of 6-Year Old Jamaican Children (Working Paper No.1, 1973)

*ROBERTS, Peter A. 'Have' and 'Be' in Caribbean Creoles: Elements of Continuity from Lexifier Languages (OP No.25, Oct 1997)

ROBERTSON, Ian E. Dutch Creole in Guyana: Some Missing Links (OP No.2, Sept 1974)

ROBERTSON, Ian E. Dutch Creole Speakers and Their Location in Guyana in the 19 th and Early 20th Centuries (OP No.4, c. 1975)

ROBERTSON, Ian E. A Preliminary Word List of Berbice Dutch (OP No.5, June 1976)

ROBERTSON, Ian E. Redefining the Post-creole Continuum: Evidence from Berbice Dutch (OP No.17, 1982)

SHILLING, Alison Watt. Black English as a Creole: Some Bahamian Evidence (OP No.18, May 1984)

THOMPSON, Dahlia and Ashley HAMILTON-TAYLOR. Evaluation of navi, a Jamaican Creole Synthetic Voice. (OP No. 39)

WARNER-LEWIS, Maureen. Affinities Between Kikongo and Caribbean Words and Phrases. (OP No. 40)

*WILNER, John. Non-Temporal Uses of ben in Sranan Tongo (OP No.27, May 2000)

WINFORD, Donald C. Phonological Variation and Change in Trinidadian English: The Evolution of the Vowel System" (OP No.12, Jun 1979)

WINFORD, Donald C. On the Typology of Creole TMA Systems (OP No.29, Jun 2001).


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