SCL Occasional Papers and SCL Popular Papers
The SCL publishes the SCL Occasional Papers (OP) Series, and the SCL Popular Papers (PP) Series. The SCL OP Series makes scholarly productions of our members accessible to the wider community of linguists, and topics of OPs range from studies on phonological variation to the grammar of Dutch, English and French Creoles, Afro-Seminole, and Caribbean English. The SCL Popular Papers Series appeals to those with a non-specialist interest in language, and in particular, language in the Caribbean. Topics of papers in this series include the importance of Creole Language Studies and research, and the role of Jamaican Creole in education.

Studies in Caribbean Languages (SCL)
The SCL has also published two compilations of Conference proceedings, entitled Studies in Caribbean Language I (1983), 26 papers edited by Lawrence Carrington et al, and Studies in Caribbean Language II (1998), 19 papers edited by Pauline Christie et al. The Society has also published Robert B. LePage's Ivory Towers: Memoirs of a Pidgin Fancier (2002), and Florence Blizzard and Nnamdi Hodge's Vini Chanté an Patwa (Come Sing in Patois) Songbook and CD (2009). 

Studies in Caribbean Languages (Language Science Press)

This series publishes Open Access scholarly monographs and edited volumes on languages of the Caribbean, and Caribbean languages used in diaspora communities worldwide. By 'Caribbean languages', we include those language varieties used in all territories of  the Caribbean Sea, and  those used along the northern coast of South America, and the Caribbean and Atlantic coasts of North and Central America. In keeping with the tradition of the Society we will also consider books on Gullah, Kréyol La Lwizyàn, and African American Vernacular English (AAVE). The SCL Series welcomes works in all descriptive and theoretical frameworks regardless of the sub-discipline of linguistics. We are also interested in interdisciplinary works which explore the respective interface between language and areas such as anthropology, law, mathematics, media, music, psychology, and sociology. 



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