SCL Membership

The current members of the SCL come from over 25 different countries around the world, and represent various universities, academic institutions, government ministries, schools and private organizations. Our research concerns focus on Caribbean languages of all origins and eras, including Amerindian languages from the pre-Columbian era, and languages of the colonial era including European, African, Asian, and above all, Caribbean creole languages.

Benefits of Membership

Annual membership dues also cover the Society's journal publications, which include two issues of the SCL Occasional Papers, and one issue of the Popular Series, plus regular SCL bulletins publicising SCL and related conferences, and giving news of publications of interest to the membership. Any member may submit an article for review for publication, in either of the Society's series. Members are also entitled to preferential conference rates.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected by members to serve for two years during the SCL Biennial General Meeting. The Committee comprises the President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publications Officer, and two Officers.

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Executive Duties
Past Executive Committees

Join or Renew Membership

SCL membership is open to anyone from around the globe who has any level of interest in Linguistics with specific reference to the Caribbean. Any individual or institution interested in becoming a member will simply complete our application form. Membership classes include regular, student, honorary, and institutional members.

Membership Dues

Membership Levels and Dues

Institutional Member - $100.00 (USD)
Regular Member (Caribbean-based) - $30.00 (USD)
Regular Member (Rest of the World) - $40.00 (USD)
Student Member (Caribbean-based) - $15.00 (USD)
Student Member (Rest of the World) - $20.00 (USD)


The SCL Constitution

Learn about the principles governing your SCL membership.

Honorary Members

In recognition of the contributions of those distinguished members who have dedicated their lives to the advancement of the SCL and research in Linguistics. The Society currently has fifteen Honorary Members.

In Tribute

Remembering the lives and celebrating the contributions of our SCL members who have gone on.

Member Testimonial

"SCL has connected me to a vibrant research community interested in the languages spoken in the Caribbean and South America. The biennial conferences offer a unique opportunity to learn about a wide range of linguistic phenomena and to get to know different Caribbean and South American contexts. A bun te a bun!" Bettina Migge, University College Dublin. Visit our Membership Spotlight page to meet more members.

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