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Use of Logo
The use of the Society for Caribbean Linguistics (SCL) logo for any purpose is strictly prohibited. Persons wishing to use the logo should gain the written consent of the SCL Executive.

The logo of the Society for Caribbean Linguistics (2004), was designed by Brown & Partners Design Ltd.


  • Blue - the colour of the Caribbean sea that unites us.
  • Red - the languages we speak.
  • The shades of red - the differences in the languages we use (speak or sign).


  • The figures - individuals coming together to form a Society.
  • The arms - used in animated conversation and communication (oral or signed language), reaching out from the Caribbean to the wider world.


This is the traditional SCL banner, designed and handmade by Lise Winer. You can see the banner on display at SCL Conferences and other SCL events.

SCL Banner

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To order any of the SCL publications listed here, write to All prices are included on the list. For Studies in Caribbean Languages, go directly to the Language Science Press website.

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Limón Creole, also known as Limón English or Mekatelyu, is a Caribbean language spoken in the province of Limón, located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, as well as Colon (Panama) and San Andres. View more Caribbean country profiles.
Did you Know
Limón creole "...was introduced in Costa Rica by Jamaican immigrants who came to work on the banana plantations in Limón and on the Pacific railroad; for this reason, many Jamaican English words can be found in its lexicon" Read article

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