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2022 24th Biennial Conference and 50th Anniversary, Virtual, Hosted by The UWI, Trinidad and Tobago

“New Frontiers in Caribbean Language Research”
Abstracts | Programme


23rd Biennial Conference
Trinidad and Tobago

CANCELLED due to COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic.

2018 22nd Biennial Conference
Costa Rica
(Heredia and Limón)
"Connecting the Caribbean: Languages, Borders and Identities"
Held in collaboration with the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics and
Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA)
Abstracts | Programme | 2018 Conference photos

21st Biennial Conference

"Caribbean Languages 2 di World: Caribbean Languages in a Globalized World"
Abstracts & Programme | 2016 conference photos
2014 20th Biennial Conference

"The Caribbean Today: Language Awareness and Language Development" Held in collaboration with the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics (SPCL) and the Associação de Crioulos de Base Lexical Portuguesa e Espanhola (ACBLPE).
Abstracts | Programme | 2014 Conference photos

2012 19th Biennial Conference
The Bahamas

"Linguistic Diversity, Identity and Structure(s) in the Caribbean: Assessing the Past and Planning for the Future."
Abstracts | Programme | 2012 Conference photos

2010 18th Biennial Conference

"Caribbean Languages and Popular Culture" dedicated to the memory of Richard Allsopp
Abstracts | Programme | 2010 Conference photos

2008 17th Biennial Conference
"Usage, application and development of the languages of the Caribbean and the Guianas." . Held jointly with the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics (SPCL) . The conference was preceded by the Pre-Conference APiCS Workshop . The 2008 conference followed the inaugural session of the Caribbean Language and Linguistics Institute hosted from 30 June to 25 July 2008 at the Mona campus of The University of the West Indies in Jamaica.
Abstracts | Programme | 2008 conference photos
2006 16th Biennial Conference
"Caribbean Language Studies and Educational Development" held in honour of Douglas Taylor
Abstracts | Programme | 2006 Conference photos
2004 15th Biennial Conference

"Caribbean and Creole Languages" Special tribute to SCL Past President and Honorary Member Dennis R. Craig (d. 2004). Joint meeting with the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics (SPCL) - publisher of the JPCL (Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages), and the ACBLPE (Associação de Crioulos de Base Lexical Portuguesa e Espanhola/Asociación de Criollos de Base Léxica Portuguesa y Española.
Abstracts | Programme | 2004 Conference photos

2002 14th Biennial Conference
Trinidad and Tobago
"Caribbean Linguistics: Theory and Application"
2000 13th Biennial Conference
"Caribbean Linguistics: Past, Present and Future"
1998 12th Biennial Conference
St. Lucia
"Expanding the Horizons of Caribbean Language Research"
1996 11th Biennial Conference
St. Maarten
"Caribbean Languages: Theory and Social Practice"
1994 10th Biennial Conference
"Continuity and Change in the Study of Creole Languages and Society" Held jointly with the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics (SPCL)
1992 9th Biennial Conference "Caribbean Linguistics at the Crossroads"
1990 8th Biennial Conference
1988 7th Biennial Conference
1986 6th Biennial Conference
Trinidad and Tobago
"Approaches to Syntactic and Semantic Description in Creole Languages and Similar Situations". Held jointly with the American Dialect Society"
1984 5th Biennial Conference
"Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects of Language"

4th Biennial Conference

"New and Old Languages in the Caribbean"
1980 3rd Biennial Conference
Included "Redefining Creole Studies," "the Social History of Caribbean Languages," "Non-creole Caribbean Languages," and "Extending the Use of Vernacular Languages in the Caribbean"
1978 2nd Biennial Conference
"Semantics, Lexicography and Creole Studies"
1976 Inaugural Biennial Conference
"New Directions in Creole Studies"
1972 SCL Established.  



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