held jointly with

"Approaches to Syntactic and Semantic Description
in Creole Languages and Similar Situations"

Trinidad, 27 to 30 August 1986



Alleyne, Mervyn. "Predicate structures in Saramaccan."

Arends, Jacques. "Internal and external factors in the development of the Sranan narrative."

Bailey, Guy. "Sources of durative/habitual be in the present-day Black English vernacular."

Baksh-Soodeen, Rawwida. "Amerindian toponyms of Trinidad: Linguistic legacy of past Amerindian occupation."

Brewer, Jeutonne. "Camouflaged forms in early Black English: Evidence from the WPA ex-slave narratives."

Brousseau, Anne-Marie, S. Filipovich and Claire Lefebvre. "Morphological processes in Haitian Creole: Evidence for substratum influence."

Cassidy, Frederic. "Some Barbadian etymologies."

Christie, Pauline. "Thematization in Jamaican."

Craig, Dennis. "The concept do in English and English-lexicon Creole."

Devonish, Hubert and Jean-Charles Pochard. "The diversification in the function of deictic markers: a study of a , da and dem in the Jamaican Creole noun phrase."

Edwards, Walter. "Morphosyntactic acculturation at the rural/urban interface in Guyana."

Fayer, Joan and Alma S. de Geigel. "Intelligibility of non-native English in the Caribbean."

Frank, David. "The structural organisation of St. Lucian Creole narrative discourse."

Gibson, Kean. "Aspect in Guyanese Creole: An alternative to Bickertron's [+punctual] and [+/- continuous] systems."

Gilbert, Glenn and Lise Winer. "A 19th century report on the Creole English of Tobago: The Uh-Schuchardt correspondence."

Holm, John. "A comparative study of lexical and semantic features common to the Atlantic creoles."

Huttar, George. "Epenthetic -mi in Ndjuka: A transitive marker."

Lalla, Barbara. "Documenting morpho-syntactic change in Jamaican Creole."

Lawlor, Anne. "Past forms and their function in Bahamian English: An investigation in progress."

Lawton, David. "The intelligibility criterion in written Jamaican Creole."

Lipski, John. "The creole basis for Panamanian congo speech."

Miller, Mary. "Tidewater Pidgin."

Miller, Michael. "The African substratum in American English: Evidence from plurarl formation in Upcountry Lower Southern."

Mufwene, Salikoko. "Notes on the so-called infinitive in creole."

Repka, Patricia and Rick Evans. "The evolution of the present-tense of the verb to be : evidence from literary discourse."

Pollard, Velma. "Recall and verbalization in the Jamaican speech situation."

Roberts, Peter. "The significance of marking by affix in creoles."

Robertson, Ian. "Substratum influences in Berbice Dutch."

Sabino, Robin. "An examination of copular in Negerhollands."

Schneider, John. "A dictionary and database on African lexical influence in Brazil: Is the methodology relevant to Creole studies?"

Seuren, Pieter. "The adjectival copula in Sranan."

Shields, Kathryn. "A morphosyntactic and a semantic challenge to the creole continuum."

Shores, David. "Linguistics, linguistics headlines and professional responsibility: Some reminders."

Sutcliffe, David. "Syntactic description and tone in Jamaican Creole."

Tagliamonte, Sally and Shana Poplack. "Tense and aspect in Samaná English."

Viereck, Wolfgang. "In need of more evidence on Black English: The ex-slave narratives revisited."

Wells, John. "Phonological relationships in Caribbean and West African English."

Wilner, John. "Rhetorical questions in Sranan Tongo."

Winer, Lise. "Formal and content schemata in the comprehension of Reggae lyrics in North America."

Winford, Don. "The passive in Caribbean English Creole."

Youssef, Valerie. "The emergence of the aspectual category of perfect in early child language in Trinidad."

Carrington, Lawrence D. "An overview of the 1986 conference papers."

The above papers are lodged in the West Indiana Division of the Main Library, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.

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