"Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects of Language"

Jamaica, 29 August to 1 September 1984



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De Bose, Charles. The be verb in Samaná English."

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Greene, Ervin L. and Priscilla Baptista Sharpe. "Structure of the Sea Island folktale."

Haynes, Lilith M. "The Caribbean short-story in diachronic perspective."

Herzfeld, Anita. "Exploring conversational involvement."

Holder, Maurice A. "The compound stress rule in Guyanese English."

Holm, John. "Creole influence on popular Brazilian Portuguese."

Instituto Lingwistiko Antiano. "The standardization of Papiamentu: problems and possibilities."

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LePage, Robert B. "The need for a multidimensional model."

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Miller, Faye. "Jamaican English: Native or non-native?"

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Winford, Donald. "Aspects of the syntax of FI complements in Caribbean English creole."

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