"New and Old Languages in the Caribbean"

Suriname, 1-5 September 1982



Agerkop, Terry. "The use of names in Saramaccan song tradition."

Alleyne, Mervyn. "Language maintenance and language death in the Caribbean."

Allsopp, Richard. "Parts of whose speech? Problems of word-class identification in Caribbean English."

Bendix, Edward. "The subtler meanings of tense-aspect in creole languages: comparative combinatorial semantics."

Bhatia, Tej K. "Language development or attrition? A case of Hindi in Trinidad."

Boero de Peters, Amalia T. "Phoneme /r/: articulatory variation in Aruban Papiamento."

Bosch. "Participant reference in Sarnami Hindustani."

Bryne, Francis Xavier. "The development of FI/FU in Caribbean creoles."

Burrowes, Audrey E. "Significant features of the phonology of Barbadian speech."

Captain, David. "A case of noun phrase copying in Guajiro syntax."

Carrington, Lawrence. "Re-assessing the issues related to creole genesis."

Carrot, Corny. "Language ethnicity and intergroup relatinos: the Arawak of Suriname."

Carter, Joan Hazel and Sutcliffe. "Pitch-patterns of a Jamaican speaker."

Christie, Pauline. "Trends in Jamaican English: Increasing deviance or emerging standards."

Cooper, Vincent. "Historical and social dimensions of the St. Kitts-Nevis vernacular."

Craig, Dennis. "Compensation for limited lexis in Creole English."

Dandaré, Ramon Todd. "The role of the press in the evolution of Papiamento."

De Bose, Charles. "Language maintenance and language shift in the Dominican Republic."

Defares, John. "Problems concerning the lexical description of Sranan."

Devonish, Hubert. "The role of language in revolutionary transformation: the case of Guyanese Creole."

Edwards, Walter. "Code selection and shifting in rural and urban Guyana."

Eersel, Christian. "Sranan in transition."

Escure, Geneviève. "Belizean Black Carib: Speech patterns in ethnic interaction."

Fauquenoy-St. Jacques, Marguerite. "Sociolinguistic aspects of bilingualism in French Guiana."

Fayer, Joan. "Plural formation of nouns in English-based Caribbean creoles."

Gilbert, Glenn. "Final consonant clusters in Jamaican Creole: Implications for the teaching and learning of English in Jamaica."

Glock, Naomi. "Direct and indirect speech in Saramaccan argumentative discourse."

Goodman, Morris F. "The Portuguese element in the New World creoles."

Hancock, Ian. "A preliminary classification of the Anglophone Atlantic creoles."

Healy. "The contribution of linguistic theory to the study of Afro-Surinames art."

Hensarling, Grace. "Aspects of Cogui morphophonemics."

Herzfeld, Anita. "English Creole speakers in Costa Rica and Panama: Basilectal synchronic feature analysis."

Holder, Maurice. "Parts and speech and word stress in Guyanese English."

Holm, John. "The place of Gullah: Its lexical affinities with Bahamian."

Hopkins, Tometro. "Some notes on the syntactic development of Sea Island Creole."

Huttar, George. "Notes on Kwinti, a creole of Central Suriname."

Jeuda, David. "The elaboration of Papiamentu grammar."

Kishna, Sita. "Code-switching and code-switching constraints in Sarnami."

Labadie. "Reaching out for help comments Papiamentu dictionary."

Lawton, David. "Eye-dialect and natural discourse in Jamaican Creole."

LePage, Robert B. "The emergence of Belizean."

Lewis, Anthony. "Linguistic variation a final stage post-creole community or what happens when habitual standard speakers attempt to use Creole."

Markey, Thomas. "The Caribbean English copula and semantic space in creoles."

Moodie, Sylvia María. "Morphophonemic illformedness in an obsolescent dialect: A case study of Trinidad Spanish."

Mordecai. "Language as prism: preliminary comments on the use of continuum language in the works of some Caribbean poets."

Mufwene, Salikoko. "On the origin and nature of the durative particle A in Jamaica and Guyanese Creole."

Park, Jim. "Major vs. minor participants in Aukaans narratives."

Pet, Willem J.A. "Plot and context spaces in Arawak narratives."

Pollard, Velma. "The speech of Rastafarians - Jamaica and the Eastern Caribbean."

Pyne-Timothy, Helen. "Additional evidence and the structure of the auxiliary phrase in a creole."

Roberts, Peter. "Differential acquisition in second and first language learning within the development of creole languages" ("Hierarchical and complementary relationships in the development of creoles)."

Rountree. "Saramaccan connectors in regard to time and logic."

Roy. "Pattern of language variation - a report on the language variation in a community in Barbados."

Sharma. "Sarnami kinship terms."

Shilling, A. "Language acquisition in the Creole community."

Voorhoeve, Jan and Andre Kramp. "Syntactic development in Sranan."

Wekker, Herman. "The transparency principle in foreign ability: Language learning and creolization."

Westmaas. "Language choice and intimacy relations in a multilingual setting."

Winer, Lise. "An analysis of the errors in the written English compositions of Trinidadian English Creole speakers."

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